European University Cyprus streamlines student surveys with evasys

At European University Cyprus (EUC), evasys survey and evaluation software was easily integrated with Blackboard to enhance survey access for students.

Replacing Survey Monkey, evasys offered a specialist, higher education specific solution, easy integration with the university’s Learning Management System (LMS) and sophisticated reporting functionality for a top-down or aggregated view of survey results.

About European University Cyprus

  • >7,500 students

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  • 500 instructor partners

  • 87% graduate employment rate

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Keeping everything in one place to help students access everything they need

With Blackboard in place throughout the university as EUC’s LMS, the off-the-shelf evasys/Blackboard integration was a key contributor in the IT team’s decision.

Miltiades Hadjioannou, Head of IT Support at EUC, noted: “Integrating surveys into Blackboard was imperative for us, and it was immediately clear that evasys provided this service – quickly and easily.”

“I have found evasys to be an extremely flexible software solution. You can do whatever you think within the surveys.” 

Students at EUC use Blackboard as their principal tool when learning and studying, so having module evaluation front and centre on the dashboard ensures all students are aware of the surveys out for completion, until they close.  When the survey has closed, the Blackboard alert disappears, along with the access available from supporting emails to students.

Specific survey functionality came as standard with evasys

EUC had a clear list of objectives for implementing a new survey and evaluation solution, and evasys ticked all the boxes when it came to meeting feature and functionality requests.

For EUC, anonymous surveys are important, as students may feel more comfortable speaking freely and giving completely honest feedback on their courses.  Syncing evasys with Blackboard using our Learning Tools Interoperability (LTI) integration means that identifiers are all hidden and responses cannot be tracked back to individual students.

The team at EUC also wanted a fully-branded solution for their survey tool, so evasys has provided a white-labelled solution that offers the institution its own domain with integrated mail service – all based in an EU Azure Data Centre.

In terms of survey set-up, there were lots of requirements that it was simple for evasys to facilitate:

  • Surveys are published under each course code/section on different datelines and times for each school and this is all set up in advance and runs automatically, including publishing links to Blackboard, sending supporting emails to students and then removing links and email access when the survey closes

  • Surveys and reporting easily facilitate multiple instructors teaching the same course or individual instructors teaching multiple courses

  • Survey results are divided automatically into course code/section, instructor, school and program

  • Survey results for each course/section/instructor are pulled into one report that shows average results for closed questions and answer listings for open questions. Reports can also be pulled per school or program

  • Survey results for each instructor are automatically pulled into a report and emailed to specific recipients

evasys benefits for EUC

While integration with Blackboard was a key driver when partnering with evasys, evasys provided some additional features that EUC loves:

    The in-depth analytics that evasys provides allows EUC to get all the information required, summarised, and at the touch of a button; whether that is high level institution-wide data, or a more granular departmental approach to help gain an understanding of how each instructor is doing.  

    Miltiades noted: “You can also summarise on a departmental level or school level so you can have a quick overview of what’s happening. I find it very helpful and interesting that evasys provides detail at an instructor level as well. I prefer to take this approach because it gives me a clear cut image of how our instructors are doing throughout the semester.”

    The ease of set up and use of the survey platform has been a highlight for EUC. Miltiades commented:

    “The team really like the evasys interface – it looks very modern in comparison to the previous solution we had. When you set time aside to look it over and use the interface it was very easy to pick things up.”

    The team at evasys are well known for outstanding support and slick turnaround of implementation, and it was no different experience for EUC. Miltiades concluded:

    “The implementation of evasys was excellent. Andy is the best, and Bruce – I mean both of them are excellent.”

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