Make student voice a part of everything you do

Making sure students are heard and understood is the first step to making a difference. But how do you do this, and what are the ingredients for success? Edinburgh Napier University and evasys focus this session around:

What student voice means in practical terms

  • Implementing the 3 Cs – Context, Communication and Culture, to empower students to be part of the change

  • Using the 3 Es – Expectation, Engagement and Enhancement to engage staff and encourage them to be integral to the process

  • How Napier has developed and implemented a successful student voice strategy – focusing on taking on board student feedback, in the moment and from previous years, to translate it into tangible change that improves both the service to and relationship with students

Find out how Edinburgh Napier University uses evasys survey and evaluation software to create an engaging and rewarding learning experience for their students.

Be in the know. Join the fireside chat with Edinburgh Napier University

“We work in partnership with students to make small improvements throughout the module. It’s actually really appreciated by the students.”

For an in depth look at Napier’s approach to capturing the student voice, watch our fireside chat.

Whatever your higher education role – this discussion between evasys and Edinburgh Napier University offers an excellent resource for anyone interested in learning more about student engagement, culture and voice.

The Napier team delves into the student voice and how it can be captured through various strategies, tips and lessons learned through Napier’s experience.

Grab a refreshment, settle down and spend forty-five minutes with Dr Helena Lim, Dr Fawad Khaleel, Nathalia Tjandra and Dr Jacqueline Brodie as they discuss what makes for a high-quality student voice process.

“We are not afraid of constructive feedback from the students. We accept it and take it on board, because within that there’s those opportunities. Those opportunities lead to gains. Gains, and better module evaluation. But really, just you knowing that you are supporting the students on their learning journey is the real goal.”

Edinburgh napier university
  • Watch time: 44 Minutes

evasys Fireside chat with Napier University

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