Join evasys at the AdvanceHE Teaching and Learning Conference 2022

We are delighted to be one of the main sponsors for the AdvanceHE Teaching and Learning Conference 2022.

The event takes place at Northumbria University from 5th to 7th July and will follow the theme of ‘Teaching in the spotlight: Where next for enhancing student success?’.  Glenda Saint John, Head of Engagement at evasys, will be on-hand to talk to delegates about how surveys and evaluation can be a critical factor in student success.

Spotlighting teaching in a global context

With a packed agenda over three days, the Teaching and Learning Conference will reflect on the past 18 months of significant change in teaching formats and methods, the renewed focus on teaching excellence, student experience, engagement and success in the wake of the pandemic and diversification within the HE sector.

The conference aims to:

  • Create space for delegates to engage in creative thinking around teaching and learning towards continuous enhancement and innovation of the student experience

  • Increase knowledge and confidence of delegates to continue to develop and improve their teaching practice and have a positive impact on the success of their students

  • Engage with leaders and influencers from across the HE sector who share the passion for teaching and learning for student success in HE

AdvanceHE Teaching and Learning Conference 2022

Enhancing teaching and learning with surveys and evaluation

A robust evaluation process is a key component in student experience, engagement and success, and also provides a consistent touchpoint to help academic staff with continual enhancement in teaching and learning practice.

Our Head of Engagement, Glenda, is looking forward to chatting with delegates about how a digital survey and evaluation solution can be implemented and integrated with other systems to help achieve enhancement goals.

Glenda saint John

Genda Saint John, Head of Engagement, evasys

Glenda has more than ten years’ experience of working in and with higher education institutions to identify processes to be improved through the application of technology, as well as extensive experience integrating technology to meet strategic and operational needs.  If you’re attending the conference, track her down for a quick chat on ideas for streamlining your institution’s survey and evaluation process to ensure it’s delivering effectively, efficiently and with a focus on continual enhancement.

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