Your Success is our Bottom Line

We’re more than a software solution provider, we’re a collaborative partner

Let Us Help You Successfully Build & Implement your Survey and Evaluation Solution

We believe that colleges and universities that want to digitise surveys and evaluation are looking for more than just a software solution – they are entering a long-term relationship with their chosen supplier.

Here at evasys, our aim is not simply about implementing software solutions.  It is to engage with you at the very outset of the project through a collaborative partnership that will support you through the key business process changes required to ensure effective and future-proof implementation.

Implementing a new system and process for module and course evaluation means looking at existing policies and practices, redesigning business process and managing change right across the institution.  And we are very old hands at this.

Collectively, the evasys team has decades of experience working with institutions to launch new and improved ways of gathering and evaluating data that enhances teaching and learning. Not only do we apply this knowledge to ensuring that your approach to managing the process of change is efficient, successful and impactful, we also remain on-hand once you are live to offer guidance as your process evolves over time.

Your Vision Really is Our Mission

You have a vision for what you want to achieve with online evaluation, and our mission is to get you there. 

We want to work together with you to make sure that all the boxes are ticked for each stakeholder in your project, and that your new approach to surveys and evaluation follows best practice and keeps your students engaged.

We can help you to:

  • Benchmark current institutional approach to module and course evaluation

  • Determine aims, objectives and required results of the project

  • Consider current and emerging best practice from across the sector

  • Identify and address institutional challenges that may hinder project success, including change readiness

  • Set up the project team for success by suggesting roles based on experience and responsibilities

  • Compose surveys optimised for high response rates and quantifiable reporting

  • Outline a framework for data requirements and structures

  • Assess technical requirements, including integrations, and propose changes and enhancements if required

  • Evaluate additional opportunities presented by our solutions that can enhance project deliverables

  • Train all users of the system, from super admins to individual lecturers

  • Offer guidance on business management of the system post-implementation

We Won’t Be Afraid to Challenge.

We’re not shy about letting you know when we disagree with an approach or process you’re thinking about.

We’ve been working with educational establishments throughout the UK and Ireland since 2008, and we’ve really seen it all when it comes to implementing new systems for surveys and evaluation.  So, we’re in a great position to provide that panoramic view of best practice; and, if we’re honest, worst practice 😉.

When we partner with you, we bring to bear all of that experience in critiquing – and challenging where necessary – the institutional approach to managing the process.  From methods of working, existing policies, achieving buy-in, agreeing integrations, optimising survey response rates and everything in between, we will have an opinion that we are very happy to share.

Change is challenging, whatever the sector, which is why our key focus is one of support, guidance and collaboration to help you meet – and exceed – your goals

So Don’t Be Afraid to Call Us Up

To find out more about the evasys collaborative approach to digitising surveys and evaluations for colleges, universities and professional education bodies, contact us for an informal chat.

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