Desperately Seeking Educational Gain, the Dark Matter of Learning and Teaching

The differing institutional approaches to evidencing educational gain

In 2023, evasys and HEPI hosted a webinar on how to evidence educational gains in the context of submissions for the Teaching Excellence Framework (TEF).

Offering an opportunity for key stakeholders across the HE sector to learn about processes, activities and best practices surrounding TEF submissions, this webinar is available on demand on the evasys website.

The content of the webinar sparked conversation and led to Dr Helena Lim of evasys authoring a recent blog for HEPI entitled ‘Desperately Seeking Educational Gain, the Dark Matter of Learning and Teaching’.

In her blog, Helena reflects on the history of TEF and the advent of the new focus on ‘educational gain’ – albeit a focus without a clear definition or framework, leaving institutions to create their own individual methodologies for capturing evidence of educational gain.

Helena goes on to detail the varying approaches used by a range of UK universities including University of Portsmouth, Queen Mary University of London and Staffordshire University and closes the blog with some key considerations that the sector may wish to address when evidencing educational gain for TEF.

An insightful and informative post, this blog is a must read for anyone involved in TEF submissions in the UK higher education sector.

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