Join us for the DVC/PVC Network from AdvanceHE

Once again, evasys is the event sponsor of the upcoming DVC/PVC Network, organised by AdvanceHE.

The DVC/PVC Network is an influential community of senior leaders in higher education with responsibility for learning and teaching, education or the student experience.  The forum meets twice each year to share successful strategies for enhancing teaching and learning.

The May 2022 event takes place at the Hallam Conference Centre in London, beginning with a reception and dinner on the evening of 26th May, with a full day session on 27th May.  The event has a packed agenda, with topics covered including blended learning, the Teaching Excellence Framework and the new Access and Participation Policy.

Enhancing teaching and learning with surveys and evaluation

Bruce Johnson, Managing Director, and Dr Helena Lim, Head of Opportunities, will be representing evasys at the event and, as ever, are looking forward to chatting with attendees about the impact that a robust survey and evaluation process can have on teaching and learning enhancement.

With 50+ years of experience in higher education between them, Helena and Bruce have lots to say around how improvements to student engagement, experience and retention can be facilitated by a well-executed evaluation process.  They particularly enjoy talking about how course and module evaluation, if implemented effectively, contributes to improved student satisfaction – especially in the areas of student voice and closing the feedback loop.

Meet our Team at the DVC/PVC Network

You can track Bruce and Helena down for a quick chat at any point during the event; both will be attending the reception, dinner and sessions – and evasys has an exhibition space in the conference centre, too.  They look forward to seeing you there!

DVC PVC Network from AdvanceHE event

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