Who uses evaexam?

evaexam is designed to enable Universities, Colleges, Chartered and Professional Societies and Bodies to deliver online and hardcopy examinations, quizzes and tests. It is scalable and robust, offering an array of configurable options. evaexam is already used successfully within 8 UK institutions and is the sister to evasys for module and course evaluation used by over 60 UK institutions, with 1000+ customers world-wide.

Here’s what our customers say:

The BOHS approached Electric Paper on Tuesday afternoon to explore evaexam capabilities for online exams. A webinar was delivered on Wednesday, evaexam Shared Cloud Azure was deployed at end Friday, and the first exam issued on Monday. Further exams were created and issued during the first week; training was delivered the following Monday to enable BOHS to manage the whole process themselves.

“At a time where we needed to act quickly to support our customers, Electric Paper were there supporting us every step of the way with evaexam. The entire team was responsive and gave great advice and guided us through one of the quickest system set-ups ever. Within just a week, we were running pilots with customers and receiving excellent feedback. evaexam is easy to navigate, gives us complete autonomy and control to operate. Where we came across challenges, there was always a solution and suggestions helped us overcome them. This level of care meant we could get on with running our business and helping our own customers.”

BOHS testimonialLisa Williams, Head of Commercial Operations, The Chartered Society for Worker Health Protection (BOHS)

Students like having a piece of paper to write on and they also like getting marks quite quickly and we have been able to turn around test very quickly using evaexam.”

Heriot Watt University logo squareStephen Houston, Senior Teaching Fellow, Heriot-Watt University

The De Montfort University Law School used evaexam for paper Multiple Choice Question Exams across 4 core modules

“Whilst creating the exam questions within the evaexam question library can be time-consuming, the initial time investment is well worth it as a lot of time is saved later in the process when it comes to generating the scripts and then marking and analysing the results. For example, the option to be able to easily scramble the paper and generate different versions is really useful, as I had previously done this manually when creating phase tests for assessments in the past. The time saved on marking is obviously one of the main selling points, and I am very satisfied with the accuracy of the process. I was initially a little anxious about whether the system would be sophisticated enough to deal with papers where students had crossed out incorrect answers or shaded in the boxes instead of marking them with an ‘X’, but after verifying the first batch of scanned papers, I realised that I needn’t have worried. I also like the fact that I can easily locate an electronic copy of a specific script if approached by a student who has a queries about his or her results. The ability to do some post-exam analysis – i.e. to identify which topics or question types students found more difficult – is another obvious benefit.”