evaexam Features

evaexam Features

evaexam supports every stage of the examination and assessment process, from creation to reporting and marking.

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Please take the following example online exams:

Both exams are set-up for repeatable use. All elements are configurable to an institution’s needs

evaexam features for online examinations

  • Fully Web-based – No need to install any software on the client side

  • Secure – Includes support for exam caching and browser locking

  • Adaptable – Can be used for formal summative assessments, formative quizzes and tests etc.

  • Versatile – Has an extensive array of question types (single, multiple choice, true/false, open, kprim etc)

  • Flexible – Can be time-limited (e.g. make the exam only open for a defined period), and supports question randomisation

  • Convenient – Integrates through LTI with VLEs

  • Customisable – Has an extensive range of templates

  • Time-saving – Will automatically mark multiple choice/true or false questions (instant results)

  • Automated – Generates an answer sheet for examiner review

  • Online Marking – Supports efficient online marking, including marking instructions

  • Immediate Reports – Provides immediate reporting with question analysis and grade distribution, as well as data export options

  • PDF Reporting – For non-open questions, can deliver a PDF report to the candidate confirming pass/fail immediately on completion of the exam

evaexam is quick and easy to set up

0+ Mins
Within hours a webinar can be delivered
Within half-a-day evaexam can be deployed
Within 30 Minutes evaexam can be configured
Within a day the first exam can be created and issued

We will train, coach and support you fully to optimise use, minimise effort and maximise outcomes. 

Transform the way you run and manage exams and assessments today!

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