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In a recent Wonkhe article, The future success of universities hangs on how good we are at student engagement, Janice Kay emphasises the need for universities to move beyond a “fragmented approach” to technology and invest in platforms that support consistent engagement and track educational gain. This is where evasys survey and evaluation software can be a valuable asset.

Leveraging evasys to Capture Educational Gains and Boost Student Engagement

evasys offers a comprehensive solution for universities seeking to understand and measure student engagement:

  • Understanding Student Engagement: evasys goes beyond basic satisfaction surveys. It allows for targeted feedback at modular, programme/course and/or institutional level. This granular data provides a clearer picture of engagement levels in different areas.

  • Tracking Educational Gain: evasys facilitates the creation of pre-, mid- and post-module/course evaluation, enabling universities to track knowledge acquisition and skills development over time. This data can be used to demonstrate the effectiveness of teaching methods, identify areas for improvement and demonstrate educational gain.

  • Actionable Insights: evasys provides powerful analytics tools to translate data into actionable insights. Universities can identify trends in student engagement and educational gain, allowing them to tailor learning experiences and support services.

evasys and the “Digital-First” Approach

The Wonkhe article advocates for a “digital-first” approach, integrating technology seamlessly into learning processes. evasys aligns with this vision by offering these specific features:

  • Multi-Channel Feedback: evasys goes beyond traditional surveys, offering online and mobile access and integration with virtual learning environments and learning management systems. This allows students to provide feedback in their preferred format, increasing response rates.

  • Real-Time Feedback: evasys allows for continuous feedback throughout the semester, enabling teaching staff to address issues and adapt teaching methods as needed. This fosters a more dynamic learning environment and promotes engagement.


By adopting evasys survey and evaluation software, universities can gain valuable insights into student engagement and educational gains. It aligns with the “digital-first” approach and supports a more holistic learning experience.

With a priority on continuous feedback and data-driven improvement, universities can create a thriving learning environment that fosters deep engagement, leading to improved student success, well-being, and employability, and all this should naturally translate into better TEF outcomes.

To understand more about how evasys can help with tracking educational gains, view our University of Hertfordshire case study, or get in touch.

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