evasys Course and Module Evaluation

evasys will transform the way your institution runs programme, module and staff and student-related evaluation, making it possible to manage and gain valuable insight into the feedback students and staff are being asked to provide.

One of the most important areas of concern in the HE/FE/professional education sector the students’ voice and how much institutions are able to listen to it. Institutions are finding it difficult to obtain data from students and to transform it into structured and insightful information due to issues such as survey fatigue and low response rates. evasys evaluation software helps its customers ‘listen’ to the student voice in order to take information-driven actions to achieve teaching and learning improvements.

A focus on supporting online surveys includes an Instructor Portal for in-class evaluation for Module Leaders; tools to Close the Student Feedback Loop; redaction and sentiment analysis of free-text comments; a portal for department/faculty/institution survey process management and aggregate reporting; and API and LTI integration.

evasys Evaluation and assessment solutions

evasys is designed to deliver:

  • Online surveys (and paper if required)

  • High response rates
  • Extensive academic and student engagement in the evaluation process
  • Consistency in evaluations across the institution
  • Instant reporting for informed decisions in real-time
  • Powerful and flexible reporting for all stakeholders


evasys brings together a range of unique software applications under one umbrella to help HEIs gain a better understanding of every aspect of their organisation through the collection, management and analysis of survey outcomes.



Make more informed decisions.

Universities, colleges and training providers choose evasys for their course and module evaluations to improve insights and make informed decisions on teaching and learning.



Gain actionable insight into students’ needs

The best way for UK HEIs to gain a better understanding of their students’ views, achieve teaching quality goals and an excellent TEF ranking using a cloud-based survey and analytics product platform that brings together a range of unique educational software applications under one umbrella.

Transform the way you run and manage course and module evaluations