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Help students to influence positive change with an access-from-anywhere survey tool

  • Hear the student voice

  • Empower your students
  • Enhance their experience
  • Close the feedback loop
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Module Leader

Enhance the value-added learning experience you provide to your students

  • Streamline module evaluation

  • Automated reports

  • Take positive action

  • Provide reflections and feedback instantly

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Programme Leader

Automate the survey process to enhance learning opportunities programme-wide

  • Generate real-time reports

  • Easily analyse qualitative responses

  • Aggregate results across whole programmes

  • Drive higher response rates

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Head of Department

Achieve complete oversight of student module evaluations to maximise teaching and learning outcomes

  • Optimise course and module evaluation outcomes

  • Close the student feedback loop

  • Run powerful, customisable reports

  • Generate actionable insights that drive continuous improvement

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Pro Vice-Chancellor

Achieve an overall picture of student opinion and harvest actionable insights quickly and easily

  • Streamline student evaluation

  • Create cost and time efficiencies

  • Harvest student insights to support improvements

  • Make informed and timely decisions

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Planning and Quality

Enhance planning and quality assurance around evaluation data with a robust, integrated survey platform

  • Take a strategic approach to data collection

  • Provide consistency across entire institution

  • Unlock rich insights for decision-makers

  • Integrate with other systems to provide big picture intelligence

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Streamline institutional surveys with an integrated, cloud-based evaluation tool

  • Minimise overheads – SaaS (Azure)

  • Easily integrate with VLE and other systems

  • Run all institutional surveys from one tool

  • Reduce workload, time, effort and cost

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Super User

Easily facilitate a high volume of surveys to save time, cost and paper

  • Reduce survey fatigue

  • Automate surveys and evaluation

  • Reduce administrative burden

  • Tailor reports to different audiences

Transform the way you run and manage course and module evaluations