Head of Department Benefits

As a busy Head of Department or Associate Dean for learning and teaching in a School, it is important that you have oversight of student module evaluation data to contribute to teaching and learning outcomes.

Within an academic school, you will be keen to understand how different modules and programmes are performing. Within a learning and teaching unit, you will be interested in where the strengths and weaknesses are, so that you can act on these across the institution. Both the Head of School and the Head of Learning and Teaching will be looking for the most user-friendly and efficient way to access this data.

With evasys survey software, your student feedback process is fully automated. evasys allows you to optimise course and module evaluation outcomes, close the student feedback loop, and harvest and interrogate the data collected.

The evasys Dashboard provides institutional managers with a range of visual reports and the option to access drill-down tools for deeper data interrogation. Powerful reporting options allow customisable reports.

As Head of School, you can define the parameters of data that individual tutors or programme leaders can access, while maintaining a school-wide overview yourself. The analytics tool provides real-time results, including free-text and sentiment analysis. This rich, qualitative data can feed into institution-wide or more focused learning and teaching enhancement activities.

The Closing the Loop component actively engages both teaching staff and students. Teaching staff reflect on and respond to the outcomes of their evaluation, while students receive these feedback reports and feel a part of an effective, value-added process, driving higher response rates for future evaluations.

evasys iconevasys provides you with actionable insights to support continuous improvement at module, programme, school and institutional levels.

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Head of Department

Achieve complete oversight of student module evaluations to maximise teaching and learning outcomes

  • Optimise course and module evaluation outcomes

  • Close the student feedback loop

  • Run powerful, customisable reports

  • Generate actionable insights that drive continuous improvement

Transform the way you run and manage course and module evaluations