IT Benefits

evasys is a totally cloud-based service delivered via Azure which, as you know, means there is no clunky installation process and minimal institutional overheads.

evasys offers efficient API tools to integrate easily with your institutional systems. For instance, integration with your VLE makes surveys easily accessible from multiple locations, by different stakeholders.

evasys offers a controlled platform for the whole survey process which is simple to deploy and easy to use. evasys can be used for far more than just module evaluation. It can be used for any survey, for instance, student pulse or staff surveys. evasys users have consistently reported a reduction in workload, time, effort and costs, and an improvement in workflows.


The story does not end when you start using evasys, in fact, the story starts there. We continually work in partnership with our university clients to listen to their needs and develop solutions to address these. We offer regular system upgrades and bug fixes. As a UK-based company, it also means that you will be guaranteed excellent and timely on-going support, in addition to on-site support as required.

IT Benefits


Streamline institutional surveys with an integrated, cloud-based evaluation tool

  • Minimise overheads – SaaS (Azure)

  • Easily integrate with VLE and other systems

  • Run all institutional surveys from one tool

  • Reduce workload, time, effort and cost

Transform the way you run and manage course and module evaluations