Planning and Quality

As someone once said, data lust can turn into data dust. The modern university is awash with data, but crucially for planning and quality functions this data is only useful if it is turned into intelligence that can support institutional decision-making.

The data contained within student module evaluations can be very rich. As universities seek more data-driven approaches, harvesting this intelligence in a meaningful manner can unlock insights that inform an array of university functions.

The evasys survey automation suite ensures that all your module evaluation data is in one place. It provides a robust tool for quality assurance and strategic improvements. And it can also be triangulated with other university data to give decision-makers the bigger picture. 

Data Integration

Our flexible API allows you to build automated bridges and transfer data to any business intelligence portal or data warehouse – meaning that you own your data and can decide how best to use it. An increasing number of our existing university partners already integrate evasys with their internal VI tools and learning analytics to feed into wider institutional frameworks of analysis.

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Planning and Quality

Enhance planning and quality assurance around evaluation data with a robust, integrated survey platform

  • Take a strategic approach to data collection

  • Provide consistency across entire institution

  • Unlock rich insights for decision-makers

  • Integrate with other systems to provide big picture intelligence

Transform the way you run and manage course and module evaluations