Pro Vice-Chancellor Benefits

In your role as Pro Vice-Chancellor, you recognise the importance of understanding your student body. evasys offers a robust and consistent institutional mechanism for gathering, analysing and responding to module evaluation data.

User-friendly and automated, you will be able to create reports at the touch of a button to give you an overall picture of student engagement.

You will be able to identify the institutional strengths and weaknesses across modules. Automated free text and sentiment analysis provides an even richer layer to this data. evasys is a powerful tool for putting the student voice at the centre of what you do.

Cost-effective and flexible

If you think this is going to involve huge costs, think again. evasys is a cost-effective and flexible system. It is entirely web-based so there is no expensive installation to pay for. It streamlines the evaluation process, reduces the administrative burden and costs, and saves on paper.  However, it is also flexible enough to produce paper-based surveys for occasions when there are no other options.

evasys will give you a consistent, institution-wide approach to evaluation, a reduction in cost and time, and gains in efficiency, work flows and, most importantly, student insights that can support learning and teaching improvements.

evasys iconUniversities, colleges and training providers are increasingly choosing evasys survey automation software for the evaluation of their courses, modules, seminars and workshops, so that they can make more informed and timely decisions about course content, teaching staff and learning environments.

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Pro Vice-Chancellor

Achieve an overall picture of student opinion and harvest actionable insights quickly and easily

  • Streamline student evaluation

  • Create cost and time efficiencies

  • Harvest student insights to support improvements

  • Make informed and timely decisions

Transform the way you run and manage course and module evaluations