Programme Leader

The UK Code for Higher Education on monitoring and evaluation recommends that all higher education providers are involved in course monitoring and review processes, so that they can consider how learning opportunities for students can be enhanced.

The collection of student feedback has become a feature of quality assurance processes and, as a programme leader, it is crucial that you have an excellent grasp of student experiences – not just on your own modules, but across your programme.

evasys automates the survey process and produces real-time reports. The dashboard function enables you to monitor student responses, access the feedback for each module within your programme and aggregate results across the whole programme.

evasys also removes the time-consuming and labour-intensive task of analysing qualitative responses. The Qualitative Analytics component analyses free-text responses, generates word clouds and categorises comments by sentiment. This makes it easier for you to identify common themes for your programme and unlock hidden meanings behind positive and negative sentiments.

The evasys Closing the Loop function allows you and your module leaders to reflect on and respond to the outcomes of the evaluations within the platform.  Students receive these feedback reports and feel a part of an effective, value-added process. This in turn will drive higher response rates for future evaluations.

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Programme Leader

Automate the survey process to enhance learning opportunities programme-wide

  • Generate real-time reports

  • Easily analyse qualitative responses

  • Aggregate results across whole programmes

  • Drive higher response rates

Transform the way you run and manage course and module evaluations