Student Benefits

Modern, 21st-century students want to feel empowered to influence positive change. Your university is totally committed to providing them with the best experience during their time with you. At the heart of this will be the modules they are studying. Lecturers and tutors want to know how students experience learning and how they can enhance the experience both for students now, and students in the future.

evasys offers a user-friendly survey system that students can access from anywhere: not only from mobile phones and tablets, but laptops and personal computers too.

Closing the Loop

There is also a Closing the Loop component that allows lecturers and tutors to include reflections and any actions they will take as a result of anonymised student feedback. This response will be automatically sent to student inboxes so they can see how their views are being taken into account. Help students be part of the change for good by enabling them to willingly and consistently provide feedback on their modules.

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Help students to influence positive change with an access-from-anywhere survey tool

  • Hear the student voice

  • Empower your students
  • Enhance their experience
  • Close the feedback loop

Transform the way you run and manage course and module evaluations