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Working in higher education you may have come across the term survey fatigue. This usually refers to the high number of surveys students are asked to complete each academic year, such that they become tired of providing responses and sometimes may not even respond at all.

The flip side of survey fatigue is that it can also be experienced by university administrators. Surveys take up a huge amount of time and resource. Setting up, printing, distributing, collecting, scanning if paper-based, collating and analysis can make it a time-consuming, labour-intensive, expensive process.

evasys provides a one-stop, online, automated system for module survey evaluation. Entirely web-based, surveys are easy to set up and administer. There are customisable options so that different departments can include their own, module-specific questions.

A high volume of surveys can easily be deployed through evasys. Survey starts, email reminders and survey closing can all be automated, and you can get real-time survey results to understand surveys are progressing.


If you still prefer the paper option (or online with some paper), evasys fully supports it natively. Beyond free text comments, evasys captures and stores paper survey data identically to online.

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Super User

Easily facilitate a high volume of surveys to save time, cost and paper

  • Reduce survey fatigue

  • Automate surveys and evaluation

  • Reduce administrative burden

  • Tailor reports to different audiences

Transform the way you run and manage course and module evaluations