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Student Pulse Survey

Take the pulse of how your students feel about learning and wellbeing, and get actionable insights in real time

Tap into how your students feel now with a short, sharp pulse survey

Why take Students’ Pulse?

  • Get fast, frequent feedback from students

  • Support student wellbeing

  • Improve student engagement

  • Acquire actionable insights in real time

  • Adjust teaching and learning delivery as appropriate

  • Make timely interventions as needed

  • Identify at-risk students early

  • Reduce student attrition

Helping you manage the implications of COVID-19 on learning and wellbeing

We recognise that educational institutions are faced with unprecedented challenges that require fundamental changes to the way courses are delivered, as well as operational changes in areas like retention, progression and student services.

As students and staff adapt to new ways of learning, it will be critical to consider how to gain early warning of any learning and wellbeing challenges. An early short and sharp Student Pulse Survey, perhaps in week three of the semester, can allow educational establishments to:

  • Quickly check on students’ learning experiences, so that appropriate teaching delivery adjustments can be made

  • Identify students at risk of having their learning or wellbeing disproportionately impacted

evasys commissioned an academic researcher with experience in student survey design to produce a set of potential questions that institutions may wish to consider to acquire relevant data.  We are delighted to share both module and programme level questions with you – simply complete our form to download the sample question set.

What can an evasys Student Pulse Survey help you to do?

  • Check the wellbeing and engagement of students as individuals

  • Identify at-risk students with the option for them to reach out for help at any time

  • Evaluate how academic experience, wellbeing and perception of communications are impacting students

  • Identify challenges with module delivery individually or at programme level

  • Act on rapid intelligence about students’ perceptions of new delivery models

  • Produce real time results, including free-text analysis

  • Compare findings across the institution

  • Plot trends over time and link improvements to the actions taken

  • Include the student voice in planning and decision making

How can evasys help you?

The evasys Team is renowned for helping customers set up and go live within very short timescales. Existing customers who would like to add Student Pulse to their evasys system should contact us for support.

New customers looking to try out a Student Pulse Survey via evasys should take advantage of our free pilot – we’ll get you up and running super quickly.

Easy integration with other core business systems

The Evasys Student Pulse Survey enjoys seamless integration with many leading VLE and student engagement tools, using LTI, SOAP API and Rest API as appropriate, meaning that Pulse Surveys can be run through the portal that students are most familiar and comfortable with.

evasys Student Pulse Survey integrations include:

EvaSys Myday Mobile