Admin Portal Features

The Admin Portal provides staff based in organisational units (e.g. departments, Schools, Faculties or at University level) with an intuitive means of gaining an overview of the evaluation processes being conducted in their respective units.

The portal enables the selection of groups of surveys and the application of a variety of actions including:

  • Retrieving reports and language-redacted (or unredacted) raw data

  • Conducting administrative tasks such as mass-open / closing of surveys

  • Identifying the number of times an Instructor has sent a survey reminder (notification) to students

  • Accessing up-to-date response rates per survey

  • Obtaining an up-to-date list of all open/closed surveys for each specific period

  • Downloading / sending survey media such as participant password or paper questionnaires 

  • Downloading survey reports for distribution to instructors.

  • Undertaking qualitative analysis (where the Qualitative Analytics component has been purchased) at individual survey / school /entire University level

  • Modifying the name of each PDF file which currently is  [SURVEY_ID] [SURVEY_NAME] by modifying each parameter (a complete list of parameters is available in the latest manual).


Surveys can be selected for multiple subunits and periods. The retrieved surveys can then be filtered further to narrow the results in the listing, allowing the user to identify e.g. unopened surveys or surveys with poor response rates for follow-up actions.