Instructor Portal Features

The Instructor Portal is the Module Leader’s survey management console.

With Instructor Portal, you can:

  • View all open and closed (including historical) surveys, including student participant count, response count, response rate, last data collection date

  • Open and close surveys

  • Show and track response rates in real-time for in-class surveys

  • Issue email and SMS reminders e.g. to students in class, and view the notification dates

  • View each survey’s Instant Feedback pdf Report (where minimum response counts are met)

  • Retrieve CSV or SPPS raw data (where minimum response counts are met)

  • Access the Closing the Loop features to record reflections, providing feedback to students to truly Close the Loop

  • Issue the Student Feedback Report (configurable to include student responses, as well as the module leader’s reflections)

  • Access the Closing the Loop component to contribute to Module Review

  • Access the Qualitative Analytics component to generate word clouds and sentiment analysis. Note: where configured, free-text comments can be language redacted (see “redaction” section)