There’s a lot of buzz just now around student engagement and wellbeing; and student pulse surveys are a hot topic.

It has never been more important to hear students’ voices as early as possible into module delivery, and to support their well-being. A short, sharp Student Pulse Survey will enable Module Leaders, Departments and the University to make early adjustments. It can also be used to identify levels of student engagement and wellbeing, to enable proactive connection and support where needed.

Why Everybody’s Talking About Student Pulse Surveys

With changes to learning channels, student life and life in general in the wake of COVID-19, it has never been more important to seek input from students to ensure that they are safe, well, enjoying their course and achieving learning outcomes.

The outbreak of the COVID-19 pandemic has presented serious risks and challenges for the higher education sector. On 12 June 2020 Universities UK (UUK) published a briefing on Principles and considerations: emerging from lockdown offering a framework for individual universities to adapt to their own institutional settings and contexts. Within the nine principles, UUK encourages universities to consider flexibility of delivery to ensure students can safely achieve their learning outcomes, and that appropriate and preventative measures are in place to support welfare and mental health needs of staff and students.

Talking About Student Pulse Surveys featured

Students have also been adjusting to a new way of learning. Individual circumstances will differ but everyone is facing personal disruption and worry, whether that’s juggling online tutorials with childcare, or maintaining remote relationships with family and friends. In times like these, you and your institution will be committed to supporting student wellbeing and making timely interventions when needed.

evasys are offering the Student Pulse Survey developed specifically for the COVID-19 context and beyond that allows you to quickly check your students’ experiences during this time. Administered early in the module, perhaps during Week 3, this short, sharp survey will give you actionable data to enable you to make adjustments in real-time.

In addition to acquiring information on students’ collective perceptions at course and module level, the evasys Student Pulse Survey can also act as an early warning of individual students who are “at risk”, or otherwise struggling to successfully manage their studies and well-being.

Contact us if you would like to use evasys to take the pulse of your students’ engagement and wellbeing during COVID-19 and beyond.

We can also offer a free pilot of our Student Pulse Survey. Simply contact us to enquire, or head to the Student Pulse Survey page and complete the Request a Pilot form. We can deploy this in short timescales, working closely with you to optimise benefits.

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