Teesside University is an innovative, modern university offering a broad portfolio of courses to more than 20,000 students, with a major focus of in the fields of engineering, computing, healthcare and business. One of the largest providers for widening participation in higher education, Teesside was recently named University of the Year for Social Inclusion.

Consistent Evaluation 

Historically, module evaluations at Teesside University (TU) were devolved to local levels. The University did not have a consistent approach across all provision, including partners, and was unable to aggregate and interrogate data at School and institutional level.

Teesside sought a more cohesive approach to module evaluation, gathering intelligence on key institutional initiatives and introducing timely interventions in response to student feedback. The institution’s digital strategy of ‘digital as default’ for student feedback added to an urgent need to identify and implement a new online tool to provide a standardised approach to module evaluations across TU provision.

evasys Online Survey Automation Suite

Following an exploration of requirements and sector practice, Teesside University chose evasys as their institutional module evaluation solution.

The team at Teesside were particularly impressed with the Closing the Loop function and believed evasys would help them meet the following objectives:

  • A comprehensive and consistent approach to module evaluation for all TU provision

  • Provision of accurate and timely data arising from the survey

  • Reliable service in delivery and analysis

  • Actionable insight to drive enhancement at modular level

Teesside University Standardised Module Evaluation and Closed the Student Feedback Loop featured

Working in Partnership 

evasys supported Teesside University with both on-site and online training and software configuration, empowering the team to design and implement their own institutional module evaluation internally.

Crucially, the University gained genuine ownership of the module evaluation process from survey design to results analysis. Its own team can design and implement their own institutional module evaluation, adapting the questionnaires to meet different needs; and end-users can carry out sophisticated, flexible reporting independently.

The contract to provide survey and evaluation software was awarded to evasys in July, and the Teesside team were up, running and able to implement a full roll-out for Module Evaluation and Executive Aggregate Reporting by November.

Positive Impact 

Teesside University saw the immediate benefits of using evasys. They gained efficiencies in staff time in creating and managing surveys. There was also a significant reduction in the use of paper for surveys. Since they started using evasys, the University has saved a significant amount of academic staff time and reduced printing costs from the time of paper questionnaires, alongside deriving significant sustainability benefits. 

Since adopting evasys, Teesside has successfully embedded a consistent, effective online module evaluation system across the University. They have increased the volume and quality of data to inform decision-making. They can now address quality enhancement at the modular level and the oversight of delivery through partners has also been strengthened. Accurate and timely data arising from module evaluation form the foundation of Teesside’s overarching institutional quality framework.

TU have used the Closing the Loop and Module Review components of evasys for feeding back evaluation outcomes to students, thus increasing the engagement of students and also strengthening the student voice.

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