Initial results from the Being, Belonging, Becoming survey pilot

Being, Belonging, Becoming (BBB) survey pilot

Following the call for participants, evasys is delighted to continue to support the cross-sector Being Belonging, Becoming (BBB) project, led by Professor Harriet Dunbar-Morris and supported by the Association of National Teaching Fellows (ANTF).

Following the first semester pilot of the BBB survey, some initial findings have been published by the ANTF in the blog post ‘Unveiling Student Experiences: The Being, Belonging, Becoming Survey’.

The BBB survey pilot is being used by 15 institutions across the UK in a range of stages and levels including undergraduate, postgraduate, course and institution. The aim is to develop and refine the survey ahead of 2024/25, as an evaluation tool of initiatives that enhance students’ BBB throughout their journey.

What the results to date provide

Full details of results published to date can be found in the ANTF’s blog and cover areas including Support and Enrichment, Academic Community and Mental Health.

Overall, the findings from the BBB survey pilot will help institutions to identify areas for enhancement, implement targeted interventions, develop or expand programs based on student preferences and needs and use survey findings to make data-driven decisions that address genuine student requirements for success.

As mentioned in the ANTF blog, we are most certainly in a new era of data-driven decision-making, and the BBB survey’s examination of student experiences will allow institutions to cultivate vibrant, inclusive and inventive academic environments based on students’ lived experiences and ongoing needs.

At the recent evasys Data & Insights event, themed around ‘Harnessing data to collect actionably insights’, Professor Harriet Dunbar-Morris and Celia Samater of University of Sunderland presented the practical benefits and insights obtained from the BBB pilot.

View the Being Belonging Becoming insights to date

Being Belonging Becoming update from evasys Data & Insights event – 7th March 2024


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