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In conversation with Teesside University

Watch the discussion, facilitated by Dr Helena Lim of evasys, with senior leaders from Teesside University around the utilisation of module evaluation to achieve institutional enhancements and change.

Dr Jonathan Eaton, Dr Andrew Bingham and Elaine Fryett covered a multitude of topics surrounding survey and evaluation at Teesside, including:

  • How to successfully embed a consistent, effective, institution-wide online module evaluation system
  • How to integrate module evaluation into the institutional quality framework
  • How to use a data-driven approach as a powerful catalyst for change

Additionally, the Teesside team shared how reports and visual representations of survey data can provide a holistic overview of course performance and, when combined with other datasets, offer insights to staff into how they can enhance their practice and delivery to students and enable them to determine actions to improve outcomes for students.


  • Topic: How module evaluation is utilised to achieve institutional enhancements

  • Date: This event has passed, it took place on Tuesday 7th February 

Watch the webinar to find out how the module evaluation process has been used to build relationships between academic teams and students, using the student voice to enable improved communications and outcomes.

You will also discover how the ‘closing the loop’ approach adopted with the module survey and the interconnectivity with other evaluation and feedback mechanisms are of great value to determining success in the student experience.

Meet our guests

Hosted by:

Dr Helena Lim evasys head of opportunities

Dr Helena Lim, Head of Opportunities, evasys

Helena has worked in higher education for more than twenty five years, including senior roles at Southampton Solent University and the Higher Education Academy, as well as holding Honorary Fellowships with University of Liverpool and Aberystwyth University.

With her strong background in institutional research, Helena is the founder of the UK and Ireland Higher Education Institutional Research (HEIR) and was Co-Convenor of the European Association for Institutional Research (EAIR) Special Interest on Institutional Research for Management Decision Support from 2008 to 2015. In her role at evasys, Helena supports higher education institutions in optimising their student feedback systems to enhance the student learning process.


Dr Jonathan Eaton Director of Student Learning Academic Registrar

Dr Jonathan Eaton

Director of Student Learning & Academic Registrar

Jonathan leads Student Learning & Academic Registry at Teesside University and, as a member of the University’s Senior Management Team, he provides institutional leadership in the development and enhancement of learning and teaching, with a particular emphasis on digital transformation. Jonathan leads the attainment, maintenance and further development of academic quality and standards within the University.

Jonathan graduated with a PhD from Queen’s University, Belfast in 2010. He is a Principal Fellow of the Higher Education Academy (HEA) and a Fellow of the Royal Society of Arts. Jonathan previously served as a member of the QAA Subject Benchmark Statement Review Group for Classics and Ancient History.

Jonathan’s research interests include the linkages between research and teaching, edtech, student engagement and innovative pedagogies. Jonathan has previously conducted funded research for the QAA, HEA and HEFCE, including projects relating to cyber security pedagogies and partnership learning communities. He frequently speaks at conferences and seminars, including the 2016 UK-China Education Policy Week in Beijing.

Dr Andrew Bingham Associate Dean

Dr Andrew Bingham

Associate Dean (Learning & Teaching), School of Computing, Engineering and Digital Technologies

Andrew’s current role is the Associate Dean (Learning & Teaching) and he is responsible for the nearly 5000 students across a diverse portfolio of courses within the School. This includes Engineering, Computing, Cyber Security, Animation and Games. The focus of the role is around supporting student learning and engagement through enhancement to pedagogic practice, underpinned by rigorous quality assurance in every dimension of the student learning journey, as well as in the assessment design and delivery.

Andrew has a PhD in Computer Science that involved the design and production of a computer aided web engineering (CAWE) tool, underpinned by a framework and pedagogic methods – informed by collaborating with students.

Elaine Fryett Associate Dean Learning Teaching

Elaine Fryett

Associate Dean (Learning & Teaching), International Business School

Elaine is the Associate Dean (Learning & Teaching) in the University’s International Business School. She has strategic oversight of learning and teaching for the School and is responsible for the School’s growing global student body and specifically in ensuring an excellent learning experience through an exciting, diverse and quality assured portfolio.

Elaine has a background in Management Consultancy, enabling partnerships to achieve shared outcomes through the design of strategic and operational plans and capacity building. Her teaching and research interests centre around leadership, strategy and organisational behaviour and she is particularly interested in understanding how extra role behaviours fit within the context of employee engagement and business performance. Elaine is currently leading a project in the School around the redesign of the portfolio to create an agile model for learning to meet the needs of learners to succeed in an uncertain future.

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