Student Engagement Symposium | Dublin

Programme – 21 September 2023

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  • Student Engagement Symposium Programme: Thursday 21st September

09.15 am – 09.45 am

Registration, networking and refreshments

09.45 am – 09.55 am 

Welcome and housekeeping

09.55 am – 10.20 am 

Opening Keynote: A student feedback journey: Perspectives on change and engagement.
Professor Marie Clarke, University College Dublin

Abstract: Student evaluation systems have a long tradition in higher education (Knapper, 2001). A key argument for using student evaluations for improving learning is that it should enhance self-reflection on learning by both teachers and students (Freeman and Dobbins, 2011).  Student feedback, satisfaction and engagement are complex concepts, which have different meanings in different contexts and applications.  Different discourses have shaped the nature of feedback practice and literacy, representing a complex picture of what it means for students to offer feedback on their teaching, learning and wider experiences and the implications of student evaluations in a wider institutional context, which often result in synergies and tensions that can be both challenging and confusing  This paper will focus on developing a new student feedback system in a large scale university using the Kotter (1996) change model.  The paper will document the change process and will also explore the factors that influence students’ attitudes and intentions towards providing feedback, their reasons for engaging and their suggestions for improvement.

Freeman, R., and Dobbins, K. (2011). Are we serious about enhancing courses? Using the principles of assessment for learning to enhance course evaluation. Assessment & Evaluation in Higher Education, 38, 142-151. 

Knapper, C. (2001). Broadening our approach to teaching evaluation. New Directions for Teaching and Learning, 88, 3-8.

Kotter, J. P. (1996). Leading Change. Boston, MA: Harvard Business School Press.

10.20 am – 10.45 am

Engaging academic staff as stakeholder partners in module-level student feedback surveys – experience at the National College of Ireland
Patricia Maguire National College of Ireland

When student feedback mechanisms are designed, there naturally tends to be a heavy focus on what will work to maximise engagement from students. When it comes to analysing results, and agreeing actions and closing the feedback loop, the academic voice and engagement of module lecturers and programme directors/coordinators becomes essential. The National College of Ireland (NCI) will share its recent experience in piloting a new module-level student survey that has the support of academic staff from the outset.

10.45 am – 11.10 am

Closing the Feedback Loop: taking steps to feedback to students
Dr Duncan Berryman and Eimear Gallagher, Queen’s University Belfast

Queen’s University Belfast set out to improve student engagement and recognised that showing how we act on the student voice is an essential part of this. This paper will provide an overview of the steps Queen’s has taken to close the feedback loop with students, what we have learnt from this and what we intend to do in the future. This is a long journey that we have only recently started and hope to share some experiences and learn from others.

  • 11.10 am – 11.30 am: Refreshment Break

11.30 am – 12.10 pm

Enhancing student engagement through developing Being Belonging Becoming
Dr Andy Clegg, Associate Professor in Academic Innovation and Enhancement, University of Portsmouth
Student Engagement and Partnership and it s Impact on Wellbeing and Belonging
Hannah Kelly and Niamh Murtaugh, NStEP

12.10 pm – 12.50 pm

Panel discussion:  Innovation in Student Dialogue
Aisling McKenna, Dublin City University  (Chair)
Oisín Hassan, Irish Universities Association
Professor Celine Marmion, Royal College of Surgeons in Ireland
Sean O’Reilly, Technological Higher Education Association
Bryan O’Mahony, Union of Students in Ireland

  • 12.50 pm – 13.50 pm: Lunch

13.50 pm– 14.15 pm

Afternoon Keynote:  The cost of living crisis: Reflecting on the impact on student engagement
Dr Kay Hack, Lead Consultant (Education), Advance HE

The session will present data from Ireland and UK to demonstrate the impact of the cost of living crisis on student engagement. This will be followed by sharing of approaches that are being used to mitigate the challenge.

14.15 pm – 14.40 pm

Implementing the Graduate Outcomes Survey via evasys
David Kilmartin, Technological University Dublin

14.40 pm– 15.00 pm

Student engagement and success: simple as ABC? 
Dr Helena Lim, Head of Opportunities, evasys

  • 15.00 pm– 15.20 pm: Refreshment Break

15.20 pm– 15.50 pm

Fireside chat: Student engagement via volunteering
Theresa O’Leary, University College Dublin
Nina Sachau, Executive Director, Suas/STAND programme
Lisa Basquel, University of Galway

15.50 pm – 16.00 pm

Closing remarks

16.00 pm – 18.00 pm

Post-event Social at UCD Club Café

Student Engagement Symposium | Dublin

Thursday 21st September