The Advance HE Student Success and Retention Symposium 2024

14 May, Birmingham

Catch up with evasys at the Student Success and Retention Symposium

The partnership between evasys and Advance HE continues with the upcoming Student Success and Retention Symposium, where evasys will be exhibiting.

Collaboration and communication with students are both critical to student success. The Student Success and Retention Symposium will bring together a network of peers to share the latest practices in student retention and success and spotlight initiatives that place student needs at the heart of practice.

The Symposium aims to enhance understanding of the multifaceted dynamics that influence retention and success, provide a platform for peers to talk about current practices and identify challenges and opportunities, and inspire collaborative solutions from shared insights and experiences between peers.

The event will cover the following themes:

  • Learning environment and support services
  • Belonging and how to grow competence and confidence
  • Digital learning and technology for enhanced student success

Advance HE Student Success and Retention Symposium 14 May 2024
  • Date: Tuesday, 14 May 2024

  • Location: The Studio Birmingham B2 5EP

  • Who:  Academic staff, professional service staff, practitioners, educators, student support services, and students.

  • Theme: “Retention radiance: Illuminating student success through dialogue”

The Advance HE Student Success and Retention Symposium 2024 will welcome a diverse range of attendees including academic staff, professional services staff, practitioners, educators, student support services, students and anyone who supports retention and success in their own role and wishes to meet with likeminded colleagues.

Surveys as a student success and retention tool

Dr Helena Lim evasys head of opportunities

Dr Helena Lim, Head of Opportunities at evasys can be found on the evasys exhibition stand throughout the event and will be delighted to chat to delegates about all of the various ways that a strong, institution-wide survey and evaluation process can positively impact student retention and success.

A positively engaged student is a student likely to stay and be successful on their learning journey. Capturing and acting on the student voice – and letting students know about it – is a key route to enhancing student engagement. And using evasys survey and evaluation software across your institution provides an optimal process for gathering, analysing and acting on the student voice, then closing the feedback loop so that students know that their voices are being heard.

The evasys survey and insights platform is utilised across many different survey areas within higher education including:

  • Module and Course evaluation

  • Pre-arrival

  • First year

  • Being Belonging Becoming

  • Educational Gain

  • Course level

  • Postgrad

  • Elections

  • Staff

  • … and more

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