We are excited to report that we’ve just made evasys dashboards even better!

evasys tools provide our clients with a comprehensive evaluation and assessment software that streamlines each and every aspect of course and module evaluation, as well as online and paper exams.

evasys Dashboards Product Update

Our upgraded dashboards are now live with customers, delivering improved navigation and visual display, and bringing more benefits than ever before.

evasys customers use our dashboards to access a deeper level of survey analysis through a range of drill-down graphical tools that aggregate data both visually and numerically.

Our dashboards help to measure course and module survey data at different levels within organisational hierarchy, resulting in a true, institution-wide picture appearing to help management and staff help students to be successful.

Measures available for analysis through evasys Dashboards include:

  • Overall student satisfaction

  • Module scores and teaching outcomes

  • Percentage agree

  • Trending response rates

  • Segregation of module responses by programme

Nothing makes us happier than improving usability for our customers; we rolled out these improvements without any downtime or cost for our clients too.

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