Discover the benefits of mid-module surveys for distance learners

Join Paula Shaw, Associate Professor of Online Teaching and Learning, as she discusses how University of Derby enhances connection and belonging with dispersed learners through mid-module surveys and feedback.

How University of Derby approached and implemented mid-module surveys

In this session, Paula Shaw from University of Derby explores the reasons for, and the results of using, a community-created, mid-module feedback survey.

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 Paula Shaw, University of Derby

Different modes of survey delivery were tested with over 700 UK and International online learning students, to establish their perceptions of belonging, support and autonomy.

During this presentation, you will discover:

  • Why the survey was constructed with a different focus to satisfaction surveys

  • What the academic participants thought about embedding a mid-module survey

  • How well online students engaged with the questions

  • Where the reach, value and impact of issuing a mid-module survey led to changes in practice

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