Evidencing Educational Gains through surveys

Watch Catherine Rendell, Deputy Director of Academic Quality Assurance and Lisa Uttley, Director of Academic Services as they discuss the full process of University of Hertfordshire’s Educational Gain survey.

How University of Hertfordshire managed an Educational Gain survey and feedback

This presentation provides a brief overview of the aims, process and outcomes of an Educational Gain survey that was run by the University of Hertfordshire in 2022.

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 Catherine and Lisa, University of Hertfordshire

The University made the decision to run this survey with several key aims:

  •  To help programme teams demonstrate impact as part of the institution’s vision for students

  •  To evidence Educational Gains for the purpose of TEF (Teaching Excellence Framework)

  • To encourage students to reflect on their experience

The survey, which was enabled via support from evasys, took place over three weeks in October and November 2022 and generated informative results that met University of Hertfordshire requirements and informed future survey plans.

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