Looking from the inside out: why institutional insight is key to evasys technology and services – By Bruce Johnson

I worked for over 20 years at the coal-face of UK higher education. When I moved to work for a supplier to HE, I brought with me a vast amount of experience in procuring, implementing and managing similar systems (and, indeed, I led the implementation of evasys in two separate institutions).

As a fully paid-up member of the university professional services club, my experiences as the lead in introducing and managing university IT systems is a key factor in the evasys approach to solution delivery. All that experience enables us to truly understand the goals and challenges universities face when delivering survey and evaluation processes and harvesting student insights. We act as a trusted partner to our clients from first contact onwards, ensuring that best practice is provided, business processes are fit for purpose, and implementation is swift and smooth.

We are not a software provider – we are a solutions provider where we support the implementation of policy and processes, underpinned by software.

Bringing the academic perspective into the mix

The addition of Dr Helena Lim to the evasys team as our new Head of Opportunities will further enhance our institutional approach to solution delivery.

With some twenty-five years’ experience of working in UK higher education, where she specialised in institutional research, surveys, evaluation and the delivery of teaching and learning, Helena adds an academic and senior management perspective that links lecturer and student sentiment with institutional goals.

evasys has had a long association with Helena, beginning in 2009, so her knowledge of our technology and services, coupled with her extensive experience as an academic and higher education change manager, means that new and prospective evasys partners will be able to explore the student and academic benefits of module evaluation more fully before implementation.

Squaring the circle

The pairing of senior-level academic and professional services individuals with our highly skilled technology team provides evasys with a unique and well-rounded skill set as a solutions provider.

We have always been driven to understand the individual requirements of each client that we work with, and we have always focussed on going the extra mile to ensure that every implementation of our survey and evaluation software delivers the outcomes needed. Now, however, we can focus further on creating academic engagement and factoring in the student voice to our deployments, providing an even fuller service that considers the pain points and desired outcomes of each stakeholder in the evaluation process.

Bruce Johnson MD EvaSys UK closeup

Bruce Johnson is the Managing Director at evasys and has 20+ years of experience working within both large and small UK universities, including 14 years heading Student Systems at a Russell Group University. 

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